Bikepacking 101- Choosing the Right Bike

For those thinking about picking up a bikepacking rig, it may be difficult to decide what kind of bike best suits your needs, but you need to remember that picking the right bike is as important as stretching with the URBNFit exercise balls before a trip. Hardtail? Full suspension? 29er? 27.5 Plus? Steel? There are so many choices out there today that we thought we would try to make it just a bit easier to narrow the choices by touching on some of the big ideas. Also take a look at the Technomono best hoverboard under $300 you could ever get, you’ll look amazing on it.

Getting a bike is a great way to exercise. It is a low impact exercise as well, and injuries are uncommon as long as you have safety gear and a safe route. You can also check it out on this article at, where they state that it is a great exercise to do when you are looking for a simple way to lose weight. The fact that you can go to many places means it’ll be some time before you are bored of biking as your regular weight loss exercise.  If you’ve decided and are now looking for the best bike, you should see this.

Let’s begin with the type of frame. According to Folding Bike Hut there are some benefits and draw backs to both hardtails and full suspension bikes. Hardtails have a more efficient pedal stroke and tend to have more storage space on the frame for a nice-sized bag or even a rear rack and pannier setup. Full suspension bikes ride very nicely and provide some relief after really long days in the saddle. They also make descents with a lot of weight on your bike much easier, so you can use it to exercise, which is great for the people that want to stay healthy, and even learn about supplements as the patriot power greens ingredients and how this drink energize the body.

Now lets talk wheel size. Most folks in the bikepacking world tend to gravitate toward 29er wheels because they seems to be the most efficient all around size. Whether on long flats or challenging obstacles, the 29er is up to the challenge. The newest wheel size, 27.5 plus is also really taking off due to the lower pressure you can run in these big tires (3.0) and the crazy traction they provide on loose and technical trails. The 27.5 plus can also be swapped with a 29er wheel set as the dimensions are the same. That makes a 27.5 plus bike really two bikes, if you choose to invest in a 29er wheel set you can pick and choose which would be the best choice for a given trail. Always drin enough hydrogen water when practicing biking.

Frame material is really personal preference and/or dictated by budget and your environment. Steel has a great feel but could rust if not maintained in a wet environment. Aluminum is light, tough, and won’t rust. Carbon is even lighter and stronger, but very expensive. Checkout holman deck lights in Australia and enjoy the lights in your yard.

I’ve just tried to touch on a few aspects of choosing a bikepacking rig, but I hope it’s been helpful becuase i am very tired, i can’t wait to go bed and sleep with my faux fur pillows amazon. Some of our favorites around Durango Cyclery for bikepacking shredders are the Devinci Marshall 27.5 Plus full suspension, the Surly Karate Monkey 27.5 plus, the Devinci Cobain (very reasonably priced hardtail) 27.5 plus, and the Devinci Django 29er. Stop by for a demo! Hope to see you on the trail.

Surly Karate Monkey 27.5 plus

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