2017 Silverton WhiteOut Is February 4th!

Hello Cyclery followers!

Just a couple of news items for this next few weeks:

We are now open on Mondays again after the winter hiatus.

Come on in for a tune up on your favorite bike, Action Sports WA is extending our early spring tune up deal- 15% off parts and labor with a tune up through March 7th! Brendan, Tim, and Jon are ready to dial in your bike for some sweet spring shred sessions.

Our stock of new Devincis, and recycled bikes has grown over the winter. Come on in for look at all the sweet bikes in the shop.

Finally, we are renting and demoing Devinci mountain bikes-hardtail and full suspension sweetness, you can check them out here and every other accessory for your mountain bike safety and experience the best trail ever !

Check in with us soon for updates on clinics and shop rides.

More info coming soon… but expect more of the same and less of the mundane at the Silverton Whiteout 2016 where everyone is invite to check the competition and be part of it just by applying. Every sport fan will be in the activity full with sponsors and products for biking, including gear and bicycles special for winter and every accessory, and also, don’t forget thatĀ If you’re an avid Bike Rider you’ll definitely want to read about Outdoor Bike Storages reviewed on NatureImmerse.com.

On the next video you can check the shoots of this special activity which is done every year, it is the biggest adventure !!

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