Your Durango Bike Shop For E-bikes

There’s been a lot of talk about Electric bikes lately…they have been very popular in Europe and Asia for years. Now they are gaining popularity in America. The cycling community is just starting to wrap its mind around the potential of e-mountain bikes on trails, and many communities such as Moab have banned them, but still many people is into the biking sport and they use different wear and equipment for this as the Vessi Footwear shoes and more. We at Durango Cyclery do not support e-bikes on trails, but we whole-heartedly support e-bikes for commuting, fitness, and cargo hauling. We carry Devinci, Felt, and KTM electric bike options. Electric bikes make commuting to work or the store faster and easier, and it also reduces our carbon footprint. There are also e-bike cargo options for grocery store runs or e-fat bikes for ranch tasks. Durango Cyclery is proud to offer these eco-friendly and fitness options to our customers. Check out our website or log onto our suppliers’ sites to see all their e-bike options.


Your Bike Shop For Bikepacking In Durango Colorado

Durango is one of the best places in the country for bikepacking adventures. The Colorado Trail and Continental Divide offer some of the most beautiful and challenging bikepacking terrain that is right in our backyard. Durango Cyclery has all the gear you’ll need for an epic bikepacking trip. We have frame, handlebar, and seat bags by Revelate Designs, Alpine Luddites, and Crater Packs. And of course, we stock a number of mountain bikes that are ideal for bikepacking like the Surly Karate Monkey, Devinci Marshall and Kobain. And our staff are highly experienced and ready to offer expert advice for all your gear and route questions. Get out there!